What’s Included

Recover a Website is proud to present our amazing downloading software, which will enable you to get your entire website downloaded from the Wayback Machine, fully functional, and ready-to-install. After we finish our job, all you will have to do is upload the files to the server and watch your website working again. As simple as that!


All Existing Pages Downloaded

Your site has alot of page? More than 200? Well, how does the 10-level deep link download and up to 10,000 pages sound? Is it big enough? We also keep all your URLs unchanged so the page ranking isn’t affected.


All Asset Files

Need the asset files downloaded as well? Of course, we will download as different files and file types as technically possible as long as they are available on the Time Machine. We’ll Also Remove the Wayback header from all of the pages, its like you never even say them.


Detailed Download Report

With every website download we’ll give you a detailed download report letting you know what was downloaded and what was not, even detailing the reason for not being able to grab the file.


WordPress Conversion (beta)

Want us to integrate WordPress so you could start managing your website with your favorite tool right away – no problem; we can do that as well! For an extra fee we’ll transfer over the title and the content so you can start editing the pages. (Only the title and content is transferred, the theme, link structure and menu will need to be redone. Link Structure we are testing, we can do link structure if you request it)